Orthodontics is a dental treatment carried out to correct overcrowded or poorly spaced teeth and is mainly used to treat children and adolescents, but can also be beneficial for adults.

Some treatments are classified as cosmetic and patients who have slight over-crowding or crooked teeth can benefit from corrective treatment that can result in a beautiful set of evenly spaced and well aligned teeth.

Irregular spaced or oversized teeth can lead to abnormal wear and can give rise to unnatural stress being exerted on supporting bones and joints.

This can lead to a variety of symptoms such as migraine and other musculoskeletal pain. Occasionally more severe misalignment may require surgery. This is called orthognathic treatment and is normally only prescribed in those cases where the upper and lower jaw is significantly different in size.

Orthodontics for Adults

The good news for adults is it’s never too late to correct overcrowding or over spacing of the teeth.
Adults may wish to consider orthodontic treatment for a variety of reasons:
• Correction of problems for which there was no suitable treatment for in childhood
• Improve a smile by reduction of overcrowding
• Improve a smile by closing of gaps between teeth
• Facilitate other dental treatment required such as crown, bridge or implant work
• Assist with the treatment of gum disease and prevention of early tooth loss
• New technology means treatment can take place without wires and brackets visible

Orthodontics for Children

Children are usually referred to our practices by their General Dentist for an orthodontic assessment. Initial examination and assessment is still available under the terms of the NHS for all patients under the age of 16 years.

Following an assessment we will be able to advise if treatment is able to be carried out under the terms of the NHS or whether private treatment is recommended.

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